Bluetooth headphones have been on my wishlist for a long time. I don’t need a lot of audio fidelity. What I need are headphones that aren’t connected by a wire to my phone.

I’ve almost pulled the trigger a few times on the ultra-cheap, totally-wireless earbuds you see on Amazon from no-name brands. The potential for a chintzy piece of electronics to, I don’t know, catch fire in my ear or develop a death rattle after a week of use has always stayed my hand. With rumors of wireless earbuds being bundled with the iPhone 7, however, my interest was rekindled. Specifically, this Daring Fireball post linking to a review from The Verge of the Meizu EP-51 Bluetooth earbuds. Short of the $299 Bragi Dash, the EP51s seemed like the best I could do.

There’s only one problem with the EP51s: finding them. I eventually ordered from Everbuying. Total cost: $28.95. (Don’t forget to register before buying to save $2.) Mine arrived yesterday from the Netherlands, a mere 19 days after ordering. They’re slightly larger and more cumbersome than I would have expected, but other than that I have no complaints. As long as they don’t fall apart—and I don’t think they will—I like them for the price.

If you’re thinking about ordering, you might also want to check out this full review from Head-Fi. If I had known it was going to take almost three weeks, I probably would have just waited to see what Apple would do. As it is, best-case scenario Apple does something amazing and I have an extra pair of headphones to abuse.