An itemized list of thoughts on Apple’s recent event unveiling the iPhone 7:

  1. Apple is a (publicly traded) company not a charity. Despite their frequent and much appreciated commitment to security, privacy, and usability, you and I are at best only one of their priorities. To expect every decision to be made in favor of what is best for customers is silly.

  2. The iPhone 7 looks like a great device. It’s better in every way that Apple prioritizes than any phone that came before it. If you like Apple and like iPhones, you have to admit that this is a good thing. From time to time certain decisions they make are bound to inconvenience you. If we as customers play second fiddle to Apple’s profitability, the importance attached to any individual customer’s needs (preferences) is nil.

  3. I have a bipolar relationship with technology. On the one hand, the more clever and new the better. On the other hand, the costs, both known and unknown, can be enormous. With that caveat out of the way, I’m really excited about the AirPods. When we look back in a few years it will be clear their introduction was a watershed moment. Tell me you want to live in a world of wired mice, keyboards, and Internet. Tell me how much you love tethering your laptop to your desk with a power cable. Go ahead. The devices you’re complaining no longer have a place to jack your headphones into are literally wireless telephones. Remember telephones? The things with the wires that imprisoned you in whatever room you happened to keep them in? Audio and power are two of the final wired holdouts. Their time, however, is coming. The transition will be a little bumpy (as transitions tend to be), but the wireless future Apple alluded to is as inevitable (and desirable) a future as I can imagine. I’m thrilled today with the semi-wireless earbuds I recently bought. I get the same feeling from them as I got the first time I installed an SSD: whoa. There is every reason to believe Apple’s are significantly better, and the price is totally reasonable. (Not for me, but certainly for many.) Yes, they removed the headphone jack. Once upon a time they also sealed the battery in, glued the screen together, and locked down the entire operating system. You’ll get over it.

  4. Apple Watch Series 2 is very likely going to be the Apple Watch I finally buy. I held out for Apple’s announcement of the original Apple Watch a few years ago hoping it would make the Fitbits and Fuelbands and Ups of the world obsolete. It kind of did, and it kind of didn’t. The slow, somewhat useless apps and lack of GPS made it too much gadget, too little tool for me at the time. With those concerns in the rearview mirror, I’m ready to take the plunge. Sure, cellular data and a sleeker body would be nice, but not nice enough to hold out for another two year. That said, I’m nervous I’ll find it all a little underwhelming when I finally have it in hand: I haven’t worn a watch in 15 years which makes this something of an aspirational purchase. I think I want these notifications and fitness tracking options. Time will tell.

  5. I will spare you my thoughts on Carpool Karoake, Oz: Broken Kingdom, and Sia.