I can’t remember when or why I downloaded Lastronaut, but I gave it a try on my flight to Portland today. It’s an infinite runner like Canabalt, Tiny Wings, Jetpack Joyride, Alto’s Adventure, etc.

Some stats:

  • Level: 15
  • Games Played: 54
  • Distance Travelled (Best): 2,457m
  • Kill Count (Best): 271
  • Shots Fired (Best): 8,705
  • Time Played: 36:38


  • Sound effects are great
  • Strong pixel art


  • My least favorite infinite runner of the ones I listed. Missing a lot of the mechanics necessary to keep players interested. It includes two ability upgrades and IAP for characters, but there are no goals or targets to embellish individual runs.

  • You lose when you get hit by a missile or run over a hazard. The game starts you with a random weapon, but you can get a new random weapon by jumping into a floating weapon bubble. Unfortunately, one weapon is substantially better than any of the others: the heat-seeking missiles. Each of the other weapons has strengths and weaknesses, but the heat-seeking missles are just unfair. If you can tap fast enough, you surround yourself with a cloud of missiles which essentially eliminates the chance of getting hit by an opposing missile. At that point, all you need to do is jump whenever you see an obstacle. This could be fixed by rate-limiting this weapon.

If Tiny Wings and Alto’s Adventure are the epitome of the infinite runner genre—fun, minimal, just enough achievable milestones to keep you playing—Lastronaut comes in somewhere in the middle: superficially nice, substantively shallow.